August 1, 2020

Capturing Motion With Lensbaby [or any lens for that matter]

By: April Milani

  Movement Twist 60   In week three in my Lensbaby workshop we learn all about movement. Very few things in this world aren’t moving. When they aren’t, you usually are. The slightest movement will change your focus. Here are my tips and tricks on photographing movement.   Fabric and movement Velvet 56 Wind and […]

July 28, 2020

How to add texture to create stunning images

By: Natalie Finney

Ever wondered how to achieve that stunning painterly look? Adding texture to your images is one way to do just that, and can finish them off with a beautiful vintage, weathered look.   Two of our Gather Instructors, Helen and Nat have put together their top 5 tips when adding texture layers¬† in Photoshop:   […]

July 6, 2020

He Is Only Human

By: April Milani

Meet Laurence Boswell, a fellow instructor at Gather Academy, but also a passionate artist who shares raw and personal stories through his work. Being in front of the camera can oftentimes be a scary thought, let alone opening yourself up for the world to see. However, everyone has a story to tell, and those stories […]

June 18, 2020

Shooting Through With The OMNI

By: April Milani

This month is all about seeing life in a new way. A few of us here at Gather Academy joined together to show you how we used our OMNI filters and shot through them, just for a little fun. This blog post is packed full of our tips and tricks. “Let’s get started!” First off, […]

June 18, 2020


By: April Milani

We love to share and chat about who we have a photo crush on. When we ask Kathleen Clemons, this is what she has to say about her crush. “One of the greatest joys I experience as a teacher is watching my students take the concepts I teach and make them their own. Nina is […]

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