May 13, 2020

Homeschooling and The Photographer

By: April Milani

Shooting through the days when we are uninspired as a homeschooling parent and a photographer. I know this can be difficult and oh so frustrating. I’m a veteran homeschooling Mom, I get it. I just purchased my oldest cap and gown for his high school graduation. So my time with my children has been all about staying inspired while I school my kids. The fun comes in when they get involved and educated at the same time. Here is just one of the lessons we loved to do.

Back to the Basics, Noun, Verbs, Adjectives.

When I say that you can pull inspiration from anything and everything, I’m not kidding. Here we go!!

Gather the following items:

3 containers (I used mason jars)

Small pieces of paper

A writing utensil (pen, paper or marker)

When we begin studying language, we learn about the types of words we use – that almost every sentence has a noun, a verb, and an adjective. We are going to apply this concept to this lesson.

Write 10 nouns on separate pieces of paper. Place them folded in one of your containers. Only use nouns that can be found around you since you will be photographing them. Let the kids help with this. Do the same with 10 verbs and 10 adjectives. All on separate pieces of paper.

Place the verbs in your second container and the adjectives in the third.

Draw two nouns, two verbs, and then 2-3 adjectives. Write them down.

Now that your containers are full. Let’s start to pull from them.


Two nouns

Two verbs

Two to three adjectives.


Write yours here:




As an example, here are mine.

Nouns: Frog, jar

Verb: holding, protecting

Adjective: dirty, warm, dreamy bokeh

As I read the words together, I am creating a story …

There once was a boy who loved frogs. He would run through mud puddles and dig in the dirt in hopes of catching a frog. One day he caught one. Holding it in his dirty small hands, he would protect it from harm. The boy made it a safe warm home in a jar he had found. At the end of the day he would set his new friend free.


Here is my photo:

That’s our story. Now its your turn. I can’t wait to see your creation on Instagram. To get featured use the hashtag #ga_lifefromhome2020 

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