January 10, 2020


By: April Milani

The moment is here!!!

Watch this video as Craig Strong and Keri Friedman share their knowledge and answer our questions about how Lensbaby University started, find out who inspires them and listen to advice on how to grow as a photographer. Thank you so much Craig and Keri for sharing with us a little bit about yourselves and these wonderful lenses.

Lensbaby University: https://university.lensbaby.com/home/



We asked if Keri would share a few of her favorite images. Want to see more? You can find Keri on Instagram: Keri_Friedman

And for more inspiration…Here are the photographers who Keri and Craig mentioned in their video.



Kevin Kabota https://www.kevinkubota.com/

Christine Kapuschinsky https://www.kapuschinsky.com/

Martin Varga https://www.martinvarga.com/

Parker J Pfister https://www.parkerjphoto.com/

Gnarly Bay http://www.gnarlybay.com/



The image that Craig spoke of created by Parker J Pfister brought us all to our knees, WOW!


We are super excited to announce that Kathleen Clemons new class at Lensbaby University, more will be released January Tuesday morning the 14th!!


Meanwhile, Kathleen is teaching her flower portrait class over at Gather Academy.



If you want to grow you Lensbaby knowledge, and learn how to use your creative lenses, you can join April Milani as she teaches her 5 week Lensbaby course at Gather Academy, which begins January 27th 2020 ·  Registration now open.  LEARN TO BEND YOUR VISION


Oh yes, those mad karate skills of April’s that Keri mentioned…I’ll leave you with this image.

Effort over Excuses, period.

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