with Aimee Glucina

Workshop begins January, 2021

Dare to embrace your authentic voice and tell compelling stories with soul.

Learn to develop your authentic voice and be pushed to think about your work in a new, more intentional way. Discover how to use photographic elements like light, composition, colour, movement, mood, and framing to level up your storytelling from basic to epic.

You will learn how to preserve the honest moment whilst elevating it through your intentional use of colour, composition, light and mood. Come away confident that you can create engaging, immersive imagery that expresses your authentic voice.



  • Actionable techniques to help you identify, understand and use photographic elements that create stronger frames.
  • In depth discussion of what determines our authentic voice. Ultimately giving you the confidence to create work that speaks your language.
  • Editing demonstrations and ideas for further elevating your everyday images.
  • Bonus…Rut busting ideas to help you push creative boundaries.
  • Bonus…Tips for incorporating your authentic voice into client sessions, creating work that is “you”.
  • Bonus…Inspiration starters to help you see and capture your everyday from a fresh perspective.



  • Introduction
  • Welcome & expectations
  • Outline of syllabus & how this course works
  • Self Assessment


Defining your Authentic Storytelling Voice


  • The role of storytelling
  • Story Elements
  • The basic tenets of good storytelling
  • Your Authentic Voice
    • What is an “authentic voice” and what informs it?
    • Fears, motivations and values – what’s holding you back?
    • Finding your “Why”
    • Visual signatures – what are you drawn to?
  • Why real beats perfect


Elements of Visual Storytelling: Creating Strong Frames with Light


  • Light & shadow
    • The universal characteristics of light
  • Using Light to create depth and heighten mood
    • Chiaroscuro and contrast
    • Creating stories in different light senarios
    • How light conveys mood
  • Editing to enhance light (LR videos)


Elements of Visual Storytelling: Adding Depth to your Frame


  • Composition
    • Composition rules and how to break or bend them
    • How we read a frame
    • How composition effects mood
    • Editing to make the most of composition (LR videos)
  • Framing & Layers
  • Perspective, angles and lens choice
  • The role of the environment


Enhancing Your Everyday: Adding character, emotion and mood


  • Ways to add emotion & mood
    • Introduction to colour theory
    • When and how to create powerful black & white conversions
    • Incorporating movement
  • The psychology of an image
    • Positioning, space & distance
    • Eye contact and gaze
    • Open and closed compositions
  • Eliciting genuine emotion from your subject
    • Reading a moment
    • Prompts and games


  • Rut busting checklist
  • A 30 Day Challenge card
  • Expressing your authentic voice in client sessions.
  • Plus of course a beautifully presented eBook including all your lesson content

How Does the Course Work?


Workshops operate 100% online. All our premium course content is available to you 24/7 so you can learn at a time that suits you!

There are no set class times, so that means YOU follow the lesson plan when it suits YOU!


Our team of Instructors have put together easy to follow courses which are offered as a downloadable pdf at the end of your course period, that incorporate comprehensive lessons and complementary video content.


Our All-Inclusive students are guided through each weekly lesson through our Student Forum and will receive invaluable personalized feedback and bonus content on their progress.



Amidst a tide of domestic chaos I endeavour to shoot beautiful, authentic photographs of my children. I offer my clients the same.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand, with my tall, bushy-bearded husband and small (mercifully unbearded) children. I swear more than is ladylike and I eat all the carbs and sugar so you don’t have to. I am a fan of funny people, nice wine, crime novels, twisty sci-fi and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

I also like snuggling all the babies and hanging out with fun, stylish people who don’t take themselves too seriously. So much so that I built a business around it.

I’m a lifestyle photographer but what I’m really known for is my ability to tell authentic stories with playful images of love and connection. My business is hinged on my unwavering belief in the power of storytelling. And what’s more I believe that real stories beat perfect ones every damn day of the week.

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