with April Milani

Workshop begins October 5th, 2020

Are you ready to learn how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary? Whether you have recently purchased a new Lensbaby, are thinking about getting one, or have had one for awhile and were left discouraged – you’ve come to the right place. Grab that unopened box,  take your dusty lens off the shelf and join April for an immersion into everything you need to get started as you learn to love your Lensbaby.

This is your opportunity to explore the world of Lensbaby lenses and find out how they work. April will break down the fundamentals of shooting with these lenses, giving you the basic rules you should follow to become a master of selective focus. Through photography and supplemental learning materials, she demonstrates the do’s and dont’s when tilting, bending and twisting your Lensbaby.

This course is perfect for photographers just getting their feet wet in the world of Lensbaby. It also offers useful advice and techniques for more skilled photographers. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to produce creative imagery with the natural, organic optical effects that only a Lensbaby can create.



  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to control your lens (and camera) manually when shooting with Lensbaby lenses
  • Manually find your sweet spot and slice of focus with ease
  • Explore the range of Lensbaby optics and master your gear to facilitate your creative process
  • Use your aperture to control the amount of blur and bokeh on your images
  • Turn your everyday snapshot into a piece of art with a twist or a bend of your Lensbaby lens
  • Bring in movement, depth, and intensity in every image
  • Frame your subject correctly in-camera to preserve beautiful effects that only a Lensbaby can create
  • Shoot into the light and capture lens flare in a whole new way
  • Tilt your lens to make a bigger impact
  • Predict the movement and emphasize the motion
  • Create bokeh no matter your lighting situation
  • Think of new ways to tell your subject’s story by using your slice of focus



An introduction to each other and Lensbaby


  • Getting to know you and your instructors
  • An introduction to Lensbaby
  • A little insight into the history behind Lensbaby
  • Getting familiar with Optics and lenses
  • Lensbaby is an all Manual lens, back to the basics
  • Learn to focus



Learning to tilt


  • Learn how to tilt, bend and twist your Lensbaby






  • This week is all about motion and movement




The study of light and beyond


  • learning how light affects your Lensbaby image
  • macro and beyond
  • a peek into the creative side of lensbaby


How Does the Course Work?


Workshops operate 100% online. All our premium course content is available to you 24/7 so you can learn at a time that suits you!

There are no set class times, so that means YOU follow the lesson plan when it suits YOU!


Our team of Instructors have put together easy to follow courses which are offered as a downloadable pdf at the end of your course period, that incorporate comprehensive lessons and complementary video content.


Our All-Inclusive students are guided through each weekly lesson through our Student Forum and will receive invaluable personalized feedback and bonus content on their progress.




Who is this class for?

Are you interested and intrigued by the possibilities of of learning to bend your vision?
Do you feel sometimes intimidated by Lensbaby?
Are you tired of overly technical online tutorials?
Do you want to take your images to the next level?

Answer YES to any of the above? Then this workshop is for you!

What are the prerequisites for this course?

There are no pre-requisites for this course, however, having a basic understanding of how to manually focus and to shoot in manual mode is a good start. April will help you build on your basic skills to get you moving to the next level.

Will there be assignments?

April will set you weekly exercises and YES she will inspire you to challenge your editing skills! There is absolutely no pressure to submit homework but if you do, she will happily provide you constructive and encouraging feedback.



April is a military wife and homeschooling mom of two wild boys. April is not afraid to go out and try something new, even if she fails. She’s still won because she didn’t let fear stop her. April is human; she makes mistakes; she is perfectly imperfect; she is saved by grace. Her saying this year is, “don’t feed the fears.”

This is all about happy students

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