Revealing the Potential

with Helen Whittle and Natalie Finney

Push past the misconceptions and uncover the power of Photoshop for photo editing.

Do you feel overwhelmed by Photoshop and are tired of trawling through overly technical and confusing tutorials? Are you interested and intrigued by the possibilities of Photoshop but don’t know where to begin? Would you love to be able to take your editing skills to the next level and learn how to tweak, enhance and boost your creative imagery?

During this course, Helen and Nat will share their combined experiences to help eliminate any fear and confusion you have around using Photoshop to edit your photographic images.  They will show you how to straightforwardly navigate Photoshop and break it down into easy to follow lessons in a fun and supportive community environment.

This workshop is designed for photographers who are either brand new to the Photoshop experience or those who have dabbled in Photoshop but are overwhelmed by the possibilities and would like to gain a better fundamental understanding of its editing potential. By the end of this course you will come to learn the multitude of ways you can transform your images into beautifully edited pieces of art.



Helen and Nat will guide you through each lesson and by the end of this workshop you will:


  • Be able to recognise the basic work-zones of Photoshop and confidently navigate the interface
  • Get a handle on the essential technical setup with practical, easy to understand advice
  • Recognise the various retouching tools and distinguish how each one can be used
  • Gain an understanding of how layer masks work and how you can apply more specific editing decisions to localised parts of your images
  • Experiment with adding texture layers to your art to add more dimension and depth
  • Learn about basic retouching techniques – understand the different tools and apply retouching processes to finesse your images
  • Have a go at some basic composite techniques such as sky replacements or head swaps
  • All-inclusive students receive guidance and advice throughout the workshop and feedback from Helen or Natalie on images created



An introduction to each other and Photoshop


  • Getting to know you
  • An introduction to Photoshop
  • Launching Photoshop
  • Getting familiar with the general PS layout
  • Exporting/saving your edited image
  • Let’s learn the basic tools
  • Keyboard shortcuts to make life easier



Layers upon layers upon layers


  • Adjustment layers – various types and what they are used for
  • Layer masks – hide or reveal your adjustments
  • Merging and flattening layers



Delving into Filters and more sophisticated tools


  • Exploring the world of filters – and not the snapchat kind!
  • How Blur filters can add to your image
  • Sharpening tools – when sharp is not sharp enough
  • The Liquify filter – the best kept secret of the fashion and beauty industry
  • Why use the Camera Raw Filter?
  • The magic new tool that can make objects disappear



Putting everything into practice  


  • Fill Layers and blend modes – how they can be used
  • How to use various texture layers to add depth to your images
  • Have a go at replacing skies and understand the techniques to make them believable
  • Learn the introductory rules of a simple composite and attempt a head swap!
  • How to create your own Actions to make editing faster and easier



  • A library of 20 different texture layers to add depth and interest to your images
  • A bundle of overlays including various sky replacements plus a handful of fun overlays including bubbles, glitter, sunflares, snow plus more to add some creative flare to your images!
  • A beautifully presented, multi-chapter eBook containing all your lesson content including links to video tutorials

How Does the Course Work?


Workshops operate 100% online. All our premium course content is available to you 24/7 so you can learn at a time that suits you!

There are no set class times, so that means YOU follow the lesson plan when it suits YOU!


Our team of Instructors have put together easy to follow courses which are offered as a downloadable pdf at the end of your course period, that incorporate comprehensive lessons and complementary video content.


Our All-Inclusive students are guided through each weekly lesson through our Student Forum and will receive invaluable personalized feedback and bonus content on their progress.

Meet Your Instructors



Helen Whittle is a fine-art photographer specializing in child portraiture who is inspired by dramatic and natural light. With a style consisting of mainly black and white, she produces simple, emotive and authentic images.



Nat Finney is an Australian portrait photographer primarily working in children and family portraiture. Bouncing between a love of candid, lifestyle images as well as engrossing herself into the world of fine-art/conceptual portraits.

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