with Laurence Boswell

Workshop begins October 5th, 2020

Join Laurence in this exclusive course that teaches you the basics of your camera. Learn to make decisions about camera settings that allow you to capture the effects you desire for your images, in any setting. Understand the ins and outs of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Comfortably move from automatic mode to manual mode, releasing the potential of your camera and your creative mind. As you move through this 4 week course, you’ll move from a beginner photographer to a more advanced artist.



  • How to use your camera to understand ISO, aperture, and shutter speed
  • How to use any lighting situation to create the images you want
  • How to utilize your camera settings to the their fullest potential
  • How to differentiate between JPG and RAW
  • How to connect to others and create a supportive community



This workshop is broken into 4 different lessons over 4 weeks, all building on one another. Every lesson is written with you in mind. You will have access to a PDF eBook that Laurence has written for you with accompanying video tutorials. These materials will be available to you even after the class is over, ensuring that you have the right tools to continue to create and tell your story.

Lesson One – Exposure and ISO


  • Learning the basics on your camera
  • Measuring and evaluating light
  • Understanding to properly expose a photo
  • Understanding ISO and what it stands for
  • Identifying the correlation between ISO and graininess

Lesson Two – Aperture


  • Introduction to aperture
  • Learning the effects of aperture on light
  • Identifying the difference between low and high f-stops
  • Using f-stops to create focal points

Lesson Three – Shutter Speed


  • Learning the mechanics of shutter speed
  • Utilizing the correct shutter speed for various lighting situations
  • Understanding shutter speed and camera mobility
  • Using shutter speed to filter light
  • Identifying when to use a tripod with a lower shutter speed

Lesson Four – Bringing it all Together


  • Understanding how ISO, aperture and shutter speed all correlate
  • Mastering manual mode
  • Capturing an image in any situation
  • Understanding JPG and RAW images
  • Importing into Lightroom or Photoshop

How Does the Course work?


Workshops operate 100% online. All our premium course content is available to you 24/7 so you can learn at a time that suits you!

There are no set class times, so that means YOU follow the lesson plan when it suits YOU!


Our team of Instructors have put together easy to follow courses which are offered as a downloadable pdf at the end of your course period, that incorporate comprehensive lessons and complementary video content.


Our All-Inclusive students are guided through each weekly lesson through our Student Forum and will receive invaluable personalized feedback and bonus content on their progress.


And best of all, access to your course content is maintained for six months from the start date of your course so that you can come back to it at any time during that period (excludes forum access).



Laurence is a photo illustrator who is based out of Utah. Laurence has a passion for the arts and is not afraid to show the vulnerable aspects of life. Laurence integrates his psychology background with his photographic knowledge to create stunning images that tell a story. Laurence believes everyone has a story to tell, and those stories are meant to be seen.

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