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Manuela is a fine art and portrait photographer residing in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA with her husband and two young boys. Manuela was born and raised in Germany, met an American man in Switzerland one year, and eventually found herself moving across the ocean with one suitcase and a wedding dress. Her background is in nursing and alternative health, but around 2008 Manuela began to focus seriously on photography after two life-changing events happened within one year, the death of her brother and the birth of her first son. When Manuela is not taking pictures, she loves spending time with her family, relaxing at home, taking road trips, and communing with nature. She love trees, hiking in the mountains, people, stories, Thai food, one-on-one conversations over wine, the fresh green of early spring, late summer nights, the amazing fall colors, and walking through the woods after a snowfall.

Her fine art photography work consists largely of black and white self-portraits as Manuela aims to explore the brokenness of humanity, the struggles of loss and grief, generational trauma, mental health, and the consequences of control, abuse, and manipulation. Along with that, Manuela explores the human ability to cope, the strength that evolves out of suffering, and common journeys towards wholeness and healing.

Her photography has been described as contemplative, evocative, and cinematic, has been published in numerous photographic journals and magazines, and has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

As a photographic artist as well as a portrait photographer, Manuela consider herself very fortunate to be able to call photography her work and her passion. After years of hard work, ups and downs, successes and failures, Manuela is grateful to be able to share the knowledge she’s gained with this online community. She cannot wait to meet you and become a guide and companion in your own photography journey!

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