Meet The Instructor


Rachel Shomsky is a wedding and portrait photographer in Detroit, MI. She is a wife, sister, auntie, and cat lady. Every role she plays has affected her as an artist. Rachel’s passion in photography stems from her deep, emotional connection to people, more specifically the ones she loves most. Driven by family and emotion, she finds more joy in personal projects.
Owning a rather large collection of cameras and lenses, exploring the vast world of art photography has been an obsession for Rachel. Never satisfied with learning, she is always in search for a new trick, a new discovery. She is a rule breaker, because everything in life needs the chance to evolve. She is an open minded, free thinking, glitter throwing, crazy lens lady.
Rachel’s approach to photography is to plan on failing. For in failing, we grow and learn. Her favorite images are often the ones she never intended to make, the ones that taught her something. This has inspired her to push harder, ask more questions, and dig deeper. Her imagination is fueled by passion, love, light, darkness, color, and mood. Rachel puts her energy, heart, and soul into her projects. When you let your heart take the wheel, it takes the brain a while to catch up, she finds the journey exhilarating.

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