October 30, 2019


By: Natalie Finney
I have recently gone through the arduous task of refining and curating my portfolio. Over the past few months I have spent a great deal of time studying, analyzing and scrutinizing the images I have created over the past few years. It has been an invaluable experience for more reasons than I can list, and one thing stands out to me now more than ever. Now that I am in the final stages of assembling this vast portfolio, I can see a personal style has emerged and I accredit this to consistently committing time to nurturing each of my personal photography projects. This realization brings me back to a blog post I published 6 months ago, and I’d love to share an excerpt of this with you here.
When I first took the leap into launching a business, I had the mislead belief that I needed to focus on the types of images that clients want in order to drive more work. While this practice can be incredibly important in ensuring you can deliver what a client wants on jobs, it doesn’t necessarily feed a creative soul by itself and it certainly won’t stave off a fast approaching burn out if continued over a long period of time.



So, over the past few years I have been busily conjuring up all sorts of crazy images in my head. I keep my notebook fairly close at hand for any light bulb moments at strange times (a tip I was given more recently but now religiously stick to – thank you April!). Some of these ideas have been inspired by friends and conversations, some by films and story books and all influenced by my children and my own childhood. With the help of my extremely patient and supportive family (and yes, I mean an emboldened extremely!), so many of these images have now come to life.



The practice of having an ongoing personal project (sometimes multi ongoing personal projects!!) means not only I get to grow as an artist and feed the creativity in me, but I can begin to see a resounding personal style emerge, and for that gift alone, I am very grateful.



You can see more of my creative portraits and read the full blog post here

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Natalie is a Melbourne-based children, family and fine-art portrait photographer.  In 2020, she will be teaching alongside fellow Gather Academy instructor Helen Whittle the Photoshop for Beginners course – Revealing the Potential. Keep an eye out for course details which will be released soon!

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